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Can't take off work to go to the Doctor? 


We got you covered



For many patients, it is very challenging to make time to go to the doctor when offices close early, limit the amount of appointments, and are closed on weekends. In addition to these barriers, family members tend to be seen by different doctors at different locations, making it a challenge for many working families to go to the doctor. 

While for many having to take off work to go to the doctor appears to be something routinary, for many families it is not.  


When "Medicos Para la Familia" started in 1999 - the main goal was to serve those who were uninsured. Part of the plan was to eliminate some of the most common barriers families faced when going to the doctor,  like scheduling of appointments and limited office hours. Medicos eliminated these barriers by being open 7 days a week, and welcoming walk-in patients. 

Adapting to our patients needs, versus making our patients adapt to our practice, was part of the key to our success. What we had not realized back in 1999, was that even those patients who were insured, needed a practice that offered this type of flexibility as well, as a result, the Clinica Camellia was born. 

Clinica Camelia is a fully bilingual practice that accepts all Tenncare Plans ( BlueCare, UHC Community plan and Wellpoin, Cover kids) as well as major insurance carriers. We replicated the success of Medicos Para La Familia (now known of Clinica Medicos), this time focusing on those insured or "underinsured" (those patients with really high deductibles). 


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