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Family Medicine + Obstetrics Fellowship


The goal of the Family Medicine and Obstetrics fellowship is to train family physicians in advanced obstetrics -including cesarean section, allowing graduates to practice to their full scope of their practice, both locally and globally.

Medicos Medical Center is home to two clinics: Clinica Camellia where mostly state insured patients are seen, and Clinica Medicos, our clinic for the uninsured (mostly Spanish speaking patients). We are a private family medicine practice, established in 1999 by Dr William MacMillan Rodney, providing full-spectrum care for low-resource minority communities in North Memphis. Medicos medical center is home to the longest running private Family Medicine and Obstetrics Fellowship in the country, delivering approximately 500+ babies per year.

The practice follows Biblical and Hippocratic principles, by providing accessible, affordable, high-quality care for low-resource patients, including women, children, workers, and their families. In order to best meet the needs of our patients, the clinic is open seven days a week, and is equipped with in-office ultrasound, lab, X-ray and surgery suite. The goal is to lower the cost of care by avoiding expensive unnecessary referrals and improve quality of care by preventing fragmented care. The medical center is inspired by mission hospitals, we provide as much care as possible in one central location

The fellowship is designed for family physicians who seek further training in surgical obstetrical skills. Fellows will receive training in cesarean delivery, obstetric ultrasound, dilation and curettage and sterilization techniques. A unique feature of this fellowship is that it includes training in the management and delivery of high risk pregnancies, including patients with Gestational Diabetes (includes insulin dependent), Twin gestations, , gestational Hypertension, history of preterm labor, patients requiring cerclage, as well as repeat c-sections (not uncommon to do repeat x 3-5) among others. The total length of the fellowship is 2 years. Our fellows deliver at Baptist Womens Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital Memphis (Park location) as well as Baptist Tipton (Rural location). In addition to obstetrical skills, fellows will gain valuable training in office procedures such as fracture and laceration care, I&D, cyst excision, wound care, IUD insertions, colposcopy, in office conscious sedation, colonoscopies and endoscopies. 


Fellows graduating from the program, will be expected to learn about the business and financial aspects required to operate a private independent practice. Fellows split their time between seeing patients in the office and the hospital - there is no waiting for deliveries in the labor unit. While in the office, doctors are expected to see all types of patients including those non obstetrical. This is part of learning how to manage a busy family medicine practice while attending to laboring and obstetrical patients. The fellowship is a blend of outpatient care, as described above, and in office care. Fellows will also be expected to function as Junior Faculty, supervising residents and other healthcare students.


Upon completion, fellows will be expected to pursue board certification in Family Medicine Obstetrics through the American Board of Physician Specialists.The fellowship will provide guidance in post-fellowship employment so that physicians can continue to use their obstetrical skills in communities around the country and globally.

For those interested in applying to our fellowship please contact:

Dr William MacMillan Rodney at



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