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No Insurance? We got you covered


Clinica Medicos specializes in taking care of uninsured patients. When "Medicos Para la Familia"  first started in 1999, the goal was to create a bilingual clinic for the uninsured. 20 + years later, we are proud to still be serving our patients by providing quality healthcare at affordable prices. 

Patients have the right to know the cost of services upfront. There are no hidden costs, or surprise bills sent in the mail. The visit costs $100 dollars plus the cost of any additional testing that is needed.


Transparency is important to us. During your visit, our providers will always discuss with you the suggested plan of care, and costs associated with it. They will never order any tests without the patients approval. 

For procedures that are more costly like endoscopies or colonoscopies, we provide payment plans for established patients that demonstrate good faith. 

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